During a Night of Unseasonal Summer Rain in February, but before the Loss of Power, I Was Woken by Two Dim Echoes of Emily D.

Evette KWOK_Objects & Shrine_5 MAR 2019

Miscellaneous Objects, Macau (Photograph by Evette Kwok, 2019)

In Other words
you stumble Unwittingly across
the unasked, unmasked Face —
in English —
of another Language,
Token gesture
more than any token;
Sterling — like the star
that Shoots and Shines
a Semiquaver of Night;
Idiom — too intense for names,
but one that Braves
and Takes on names
to prove its Power — merely —
by Exception.

Only No One breathes
the Razor air.
Those — whose Young Lungs
belong to Kinder atmospheres —
Respire — they cannot Help it —
at a Gulp.
The Daily oxygen — barely So-so;
Thunder ratchets up Degree
a Notch or two;
but only at the Cursive lightning Stage
does Slowcoach — Gasping at her letter page
attain — at last — that Speed of Overture
and manage — no, It does not last — to Shear
one Fluent outer edge.
There — Imperative — No One somehow Is.

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