Bill Dobell’s Doodling

Tun Tsz Wai Graffiti

To William Tell you the truth, I don’t know
what I was thinking: to take my mind
off my mind for a while, perhaps? And off
the cancer
that has no name. . . . First,
I asked Alice to teach me to knit, but
in it she saw no hope and refused
point-blank. Now,
alert by the telly of an evening, with paper and pen
balanced on a book,
I look
but I do not watch,
waiting for the sign within the signal, eventual event,
like the shadow of an eagle as it animates the inert black-and-white gravel
of some coarse-grained TV-image.
A glimpse is enough, though,
to set my rough biro glued to the page
tracing the trance of a nuance
that brings me — out of myself
and out of my own ailing woodwork —
the mutation that means



Photograph: 香港屯門屯子圍 Tuen Tsz Wai, Tuen Men, Hong Kong (2016年)

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