New YouTube Site in Cantonese

Berlin Goes Cantonese 2_1 NOV 2019

Berlin Goes Cantonese is an innovative YouTube channel that presents news and information about Germany in Cantonese. The channel was recently launched by Toby, a resident of Berlin who spent five years in Hong Kong in the 1980s and has since gone on to become a dedicated and highly proficient speaker of the language. In his first programme, he says that his aim is 通過 Berlin Goes Cantonese 首先我想分享同德國有關係嘅消息, and this is precisely what he does! But he is also keen to pass on information about Germany’s culture, tourist sites, as well as introduce some typical examples of German cuisine.

Program One kicks off with a famous comment from a former mayor of Berlin, who once said that 柏林好窮,但係好性感 (Berlin is poor, but it is sexy)! Toby goes on to explain that although Berlin is not as economically successful as other German cities, it enjoys a rich cultural life, is “a very green city” [好綠嘅城市], and attracts large numbers of younger people. He shows us some of the sights of Berlin, including its most beautiful street [柏林最靚嘅街], Unter den Linden, Museumsinsel (a whole island of museums), Checkpoint Charlie, and Eastside Gallery, among others. He concludes with a brief introduction to a popular German snack-food.

Toby is planning to put out new episodes of Berlin Goes Cantonese on a regular basis. Anyone interested in learning Cantonese should take a look and be inspired by Toby’s example. He certainly brings great energy to his language studies!

Please visit Berlin Goes Cantonese.

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