Luen On Tin Hau Temple 2018


What the shoulder in its hearing borrows from the ears:
that distinct listening curve
as it makes its descent ever so gently down
to the armed socket. Against
the eyes of the edifice of the face —
self-conscious into the light — these shoulders attend
attuned in concentration to a rich global symphony
just outside the range of human hearing.
We are seconded to the task
by the boulder beauty of their shape;
we too wish
to hear what our ears openly deny us
beyond the broad beach of all auditory nerve:
something greater than the sense-attentive greatness of our own bodies, even:

a universe setting itself to itself through all its “parts”
to rights.


Photograph: 香港小欖聯安天后廟 Luen On Tin How Temple, Siu Lam, Hong Kong

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