Design on a Wall Tile (Guest Laundry, Regal Riverside Hotel, 沙田 Sha Tin)

Ma Wat Wai 2016_CROPPED

A red bug on a leaf of emerald-green clover —
I addressed myself to Almighty God:
            Dear Lord, could You please move over!
Because sometimes it is the fine details in an act of artistic creation
that bring me that rich-rare gift

(do You remember it?)

Despite a lifetime’s long-drawn-out light-years
how much exaltation did I ever get for all my darkening cares?
How much?
I scratched my head, perplexed. I believe

            I began to rave:
A bug and a leaf of clover just for now, that’s all I have
I said out loud to myself — here on a hotel laundry wall. And preposterously
            I tell You it is enough.


Photograph: 香港粉嶺麻笏圍 Ma Wat Wai, Fanling, Hong Kong (2016)

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