Entrepreneur, Clarkefield

2018-11-22 tuen mun trail rose resized

They do a roaring trade
quietly in pumpkins at the Collingwood Farmer’s Market
first thing Saturday, and so she makes
a habit out of heading out in pre-dawn-dark
then waking through work,
high still on the cradle rhythms of the train.
By mid-afternoon —
on the barren far side of dream —
she’ll be snoozing home from a job well done,
the alarm on her phone set to ring
in her ears, with M-I-L-A-N-O
softly speaking
itself over and over and over and over
in a faint atmosphere of suave Italian sounds
she lip-reads with all her heart.
On the inside
of herself, understanding against fatigue, mentally
she steels
for the slow grind of yet another on-coming, voluntary late-night-

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