Out of Nowhere (Shung Him Tong 崇謙堂)

Sai Kung Sha Kok Mei Bananas_RESIZED TWO_26 NOV 2018


I turn off and follow the road of a trickling stream
of details: a butterfly flat
on an upturned dish
feeds itself on this afternoon’s heat-waved sun;
in a private garden,
purple parasitic orchids
live off serenely their hard host tree;
a red dragonfly
counteracts the rust of a barbed-wire fence;
while banana leaves crackle withered skin across my straining
But where the path ends —
though believe me the stream flows on —
it’s the grass speaks loudest with gentle blades
 over and over
the Christian cemetery’s departed congregation.


香港西貢沙角尾:大蕉 Banana trees, Sha Kok Mei in Sai Kung, Hong Kong

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