There Is Another World . . . (News in the Sinews)

Walk your yawning old self into naked, stark morning.
Too good to be true—that’s the lungs’ swell verdict
on this instant
intoxicant air, the atmosphere light,
as a dark crow feather
bookmarking some yet-to-be-read typographically concrete page.
(Is it the breeze that reads
as it breathes through overhead wires,
through the spiral
arterial branch-lines of the trees?)
Pants dance the flap on a deserted clothes-hoist ⸺
they kick up their cuffs
at the world’s heavy duty ⸺  while a shower of berries
like pellet ball-bearings
scatters hard noise across quiet’s tin roof,
putting all calm’s composure
quite sorely to the test.

No one ever takes no for an answer,
but there is another world ⸺

           IT IS THIS ONE ⸺

and tomorrow will still be new.

Photograh: Evette Kwok (2020)

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