Learning Cantonese: 彭靖 Pang Jing, Full-time Nude Model

所有甫士都係模特兒自己決定嘅 | 所以其實係有一個尊重裏邊 | 擺甫士係一個被動嘅主動 | 雖然你畫我啦,但係甫士係我揀㗎嘛

彭靖 Pàahng4 Jihng6, an artist herself, currently works as a full-time nude model for those people passionate about life-drawing. This video from Apple allows us to get an inkling of the motivations and challenges that necessarily accompany this highly unusual human transaction, and Pang’s poise and candour add a strongly positive note to her presentation.

Interestingly, the original report began with a complementary section about male nude models, but their treatment could not have been more different: their faces were deliberated blurred out, their voices were distorted to avoid recognition, and they were referred to using pseudonyms rather than their real names. The way the activity of modelling is viewed by society in Hong Kong is starkly distinguished along gender lines, it would seem.

After the tragic demist of Apple, this video was removed from circulation, but back-ups can be found on YouTube, both a full version and the version given here, which deals only with Pang Jing. That is why you’ll find two sets of timings in the transcription.

The main language-highlight of the video is the adjective 𠮩𠹌 līu1 lāng1 = “odd; strange; rare”. The last time I came across it was in October 2019 in a TVB news report in which an older woman described the closure of MTR stations during the anti-extradition protests in the following terms: 而家都唔開,噉變咗𠮩𠹌 = “now they’re all closed and things have got strange”).

Please scroll down if you want the transcription, notes and English translation. Otherwise, you can view the video here (subtitles in Standard Written Chinese only). Since it is a YouTube video, you can slow down the playback speed if you wish: at 0.75 and 0.5, the sound quality is still good. And remember, if you want the standard jyutping romanization or to check any of the Chinese in the text, please consult the Sheik Cantonese on-line dictionary.


Caption: 彭靖 | 全職裸體模特兒 | 身體是什麽 Pang Jing | Full-time Nude Model | What is a Body Anyway?

彭靖:身體係咩?其實好簡單。身體就係我體現呢個世界 . . . 一個載體囉

● 載體 joi3 tái2 = carrier; vector | ● 體現 tái2 yihm6 = to embody; to incarnate; to reflect; to give expression to

Pang Jing: What is a body anyway? Actually it’s very simple — the body is this carrier which [enables] me to embody [體現] this world.

Caption: 26歲 | 視藝畢業生做女模特 | 鍾意試新嘢 26 Years Old | Visual Arts Graduate and Female Model | Fond of Trying New Things

彭靖:好鍾意試新嘅 | 同埋好奇心好強 | 第一接觸其實好新奇囉 【4:00】| 就係有計時呀 | 然後有好短嘅一分鐘嘅姿勢畫到15分鐘 | 跟住之後畫畫吓就覺得好奇 | 就想試到底係咩感覺

● 試新 si3 sān1 = roughly, “trying new things” | ● 好奇心 hou3 kèih4 sām1 = curiosity | ● 新奇 sān1 kèih4 = strange; novel; new | ● 計時 gai3 sìh4 = reckon by time; calculate by time | ● 姿勢 jī1 sai3 = posture; gesture | ● 好奇 hou3 kèih4 = curious; inquisitive

Pang Jing: [I] really like trying new things plus [I] have a strong curiosity. The first time was really quite a novelty [好新奇]. There was a set amount of time [計時]. And then, after a short post lasting a minute, [we] painted for 15 minutes. Actually, after painting for a while I felt curious, and so wanted to give it a try, to find out what it actually felt like.

記者:要做裸體模特兒 | 所謂嘅門檻同標準嘅

Reporter: If [you] want to be a nude model, there are no “thresholds” or “standards”.

彭靖:以前做呢,係,係肉肉的種圓潤女生嘅 | 但係嗰陣我都對自己冇乜話要,譬如唔好食嘢 | 跟住 *gyu 好瘦返少少先去,冇呢

● 圓潤 yùhn4 yeuhn6 = mellow & full; perhaps “filled out”

Pang Jing: Earlier when I modelled, I was a fleshy, well-rounded [圓潤] kind of young woman. However, at the time I didn’t say to myself that, for instance, I mustn’t eat, getting myself thinner before I went [and modelled] — there was nothing like that.

彭靖:【1:00】因其實大家都有共識 | 係,呃,畫人體寫生嘅時候,就唔會影相、亦都唔會錄影、亦都唔會個電話出嘅 | 得一次,即係 *je,兩年半兩年 | 有人影相,我咪即刻喝住話 | 喂!做乜影相呀?」咁囉

● 共識 guhng6 sīk1 = a consensus; a common understanding | ● 寫生 sé2 sāang1 = to paint from life; to draw, paint or sketch from nature | ● 喝住 hot3 jyuh6 = (?) to shout loudly at sb. to make them stop doing sth.; to tell sb. off

Pang Jing: Because actually there is a common understanding between everyone, the understanding that when you’re sketching the human body, you can’t take pictures, record or take out your phone. The only time was around two, two and a half years ago. Someone was taking photos, so naturally I immediately told them to stop: “Hey, what do you think you are doing taking pictures?”


● 商量 sēung1 lèuhng4 = to consult; to discuss; to talk over

Reporter: Before the start, [the model] can discuss [the issue of] how long to hold a pose with the artists.

彭靖:所有甫士都係模特兒自己決定嘅 | 所以其實係【5:00】有一個尊重裏邊 | 擺甫士係一個被動嘅主動 | 雖然你畫我啦,但係甫士係我揀㗎嘛 | 而我做 model 嘅時候其實亦都有擺 . . . 畫家嘅經驗落去 | 就係有時候可能會特登做啲𠮩𠹌啲嘅動作呀,挑戰吓佢哋 | 有啲人好鍾意畫某個部分嘅 | 佢只不過係器官 | 你覺得淫唔淫褻呢,就好睇你個腦到底諗緊啲咩 | 啫,我可以人睇 | 唔代表我隨時隨地都可以俾人睇 | 亦都唔代表【2:00】我無所謂咁俾人睇囉

● 甫士 pōu3*1 6*2 = a pose | ● 特登 dahk6 dāng1 = deliberately; intentionally; on purpose | ● 𠮩𠹌 līu1 lāng1 = odd, strange, rare | ● 器官 hei3 gūn1 = a [bodily] organ | ● 淫褻 yàhm4 sit3 = obscene; an obscenity

Pang Jing: All poses are decided by the model. For this reason, there is a sense of respect at work here [喺裏邊]. Posing is an active passivity — although you are drawing me, I get to choose the poses. What’s more, when I am modelling, I am actually also putting my experience of being a painter into [what I do]. Sometimes I will deliberately do a movement that is a bit strange, just to challenge them a bit. Some people really like to sketch a particular part. They [佢] are all just organs — whether you think they are obscene or not depends on [就好睇] what exactly is going on in your mind [你個腦]. I mean, [Just because] I can let other people see [my body], doesn’t mean [唔代表] I am willing to do so any time, any place, and nor does it mean I am completely indifferent [無所謂咁] to letting people see [me].

Caption: 裸體、性 | Nudity and Sex

彭靖:nudity 可以同 sex 冇關囉 | 啫,唔 nude 都可以有 sex 同埋慾望嘅出現㗎嘛,有時候 | 性其實你有接觸嘛,你要有情感,無論身體上嘅交流 | 定係情感上嘅交流 | 都係同你裸露於人前係兩件事嚟㗎喎 | 其實我真係冇【6:00】任何包袱 | 亦都冇任何障礙需要跨過㗎

● 慾望 yuhk6 mohng6 = (n.) desire; wish; lust | ● 裸露 ló2 louh6 = uncovered; exposed | ● 包袱 bāau1 fuhk6 = usu. a load; a weight; a burden; perhaps “hang-up” in this context | ● 障礙 jeung3 ngoih6 = an obstacle | ● 跨過 kwāa1 gwo3 = to step across; to go beyond

Pang Jing: Nudity may be unrelated to sex. That is, sex and desire can appear when there is no nudity. With sex in fact there has to be contact, there are feelings. Regardless of whether it is a physical exchange or an emotional one, it is a different thing from being exposed [in front of] others. Actually, I really don’t have any hang-ups [包袱] and there are no obstacles that need to be got over.

彭靖:其實呢,係好開心嘅,因為 . . . 好多唔同風格啦 | 唔同 media 啦、唔同嘅地方啦、然後唔同我嘅神情啦 | 但係其實雖然好唔同,但都係我囉 | 當你 nude 嘅時候,嗰個狀態其實 | 無論身體上同情感上都好赤裸 | 你會好容易地流露你 . . . 嗰陣覺得係開心定係唔開心 | 然後有啲畫家係可以捕捉落嚟 【3:00】| 然後完咗之後問,阿靖最近係咪唔開心?| 然後能夠觀察到呢一啲好微細嘅嗰啲情緒嘅嗰啲畫家 | 就已經成爲朋友

● 神情 sàhn4 chìhng4 = an expression; a look | ● 赤裸 chek3 ló2 = (adj.) bare| ● 流露 làuh4 louh6 = to reveal; to betray; to show unintentionally | ● 捕捉 bouh6 jūk1 = to catch; to seize | ● 微細 mèih4 sai3 = very small; tiny

Pang Jing: As a matter of fact, [I] am very pleased, because . . . [there are] lots of different styles, different media, different settings [地方], and then [there are] my different expressions, but actually despite the significant differences [好唔同] they are all [still] me. When you are nude, [being] in this state where you a naked in both a physical and an emotional sense, it is easy to reveal, unintentionally, whether you are feeling happy or not in that moment. Later, the artists might be able to capture [what I am revealing], and after that when they have finished, [they might] ask, “Ah Jing, have you been feeling unhappy lately?” Then those artists who are able to observe those minute [changes] in those moods have become my friends.

Caption: 啱啱分手 | I Had Just Broken up

呃,從來都未試過發生嘅 | 幾跟住啲音樂又好觸景傷情咁樣 | 跟住我就坐坐下就兩行眼淚咁樣囉 | 我情感嘅流露其實係可以嘅 【7:00】| 跟住,嗰個 owner 就知道就問我需唔需要休息一下 | 佢哋好理解,亦都好明白 | 啫,好慶幸嘅係,遇到嘅畫家都係好人囉

● 分手 fān1 sáu2 = to art company; to say good-bye; to split up | ● 觸景 = ? cf.  觸景生情 jūk1 gíng2  sāang1 chìhng4 = the sight strikes a chord in one’s heart; recall old memories at the sight of familiar places | ● 慶幸 hing3 hahng6  = to rejoice

Pang Jing: It had never happened before. And then music can strike a chord [and bring up] painful feelings, and it made my sit there with two lines of tears streaming down my face. I think it’s OK to show your feelings. As a result, when the person in charge realized [what was happening], [she] asked me if I needed to take a break. They really understand; they have a good grasp of the situation [好明白]. [I] rejoice [at the fact that] the artists I have come across are all good people.

記者 Reporter:陳煥欣 | 煥 wuhn6 = shining; glowing
攝影 Photography:梁志恆、潘志恆
剪接 Editing :陳曉筠 | 筠 wàhn4 = bamboo skin; gwān1 used as a place name in Sichuan province

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