The Bone Days

                       ⸺ “Together we can make it” (advertising slogan)

No, together we cannot make it
because hope ⸺ like everything,
everyone ⸺ else everywhere has flaws in it we don’t get.
We have to become much sterner than hope;
realer, more fierce than optimism;
stronger, stranger, more stringent than love
in any of its wild- or mildest dreams.
There is an Earthly, unearthly terranean reserve,
a source of solitary endurance which looks for all the world
identical to despair.
Akin to bone,
it carries us wholly blindly unbidden from within
and will almost always
sometimes see us through right to the very end.
In the long run it may even bring us to that next impossible very beginning


香港輞井圍:關帝廟 Kwan Tai Temple in Mong Tseng Wai, Hong Kong (2018)